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Does Gmail invade privacy?

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Google is planning on introducing a new free email service along the lines of Hotmail and Yahoo. However, they are going to scan the text of the message and try to place pertinent ads along with the Email. Several consumer groups say this invades privacy.

Does it?

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Considering that users agree to the terms of service - no. The only way I would see this invading privacy is if incoming messages were scanned because those users would not have necessarily agreed to the terms of service.

Is it an invasion of privacy for a bank to videotape you while you do business with them? I support Gmail simply because I've seen how Google's ad-service works. On both forums that I run - pertinent ads are placed via Google's database. On the forum that is dedicated to NWN - you find Google ads displaying links to purchase Neverwinter Nights. On the Battlecruiser Orion Fleet forums - links to purchase Sci-fi games.

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Many users use "free" email as a way to maintain a buffer from their ISP. Consider a family gets gmail for that extra privacy. Say the 10 year old daughter emails her friend her mom is pregnant again. Now suppose Gmail inserts condom ads, birth control pill ads, or other inappropriate stuff for a ten year old? Worst case I know but it's possible.

I generally agree that if you agree to terms of service you're sunk but the above scenario is possible.

Also, by reading Yahoo I am bombarded with ads on every page. The price of "free". Does this invade my privacy? No. This is that same as billboards on the highway. If I go to the finance page and financially oriented ads appear does THIS invade my privacy? Again, no. It's still the same as going down fast food alley and seeing food billboards.

The same with my AOL. Full of ads. That I PAY FOR! Ughh. Hehe. Imagine if every time you picked up the phone Bellsouth ran a voice ad. I better hush or I'll talk it up. But that's off topic anyway.

If you read the PCMag linked article there is a another link to a discussion board. Good points on both sides.

Just don't use it.

Your email is sniffed/snooped anyway.

Etc, etc.

I don't have a really strong opinion on this but let's say I see potential for abuse. And if Gmail becomes dominant then well.

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All email is monitored anyways. There is potential for bad ads to be run considering that Google doesn't sit there and manually insert the ads. And I doubt that a family would get gmail for that extra privacy. The terms of service with Gmail is going to basically have a script that runs on every email - links to the appropriate ad server on Google's database.

As for the above scenario - it's generally part of the terms of service of any free-mail account that the user is of certain age.

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Time to join the UNFOP, maybe?

Move past all our petty differences caused by competition,and greed.

The so called free services on the web "MUST" sell ad space in order to pay for bandwidth, equipment and employees.

Until someone invents working cold fusion or over unity dynamos, and food replicators, There will never be anything in the form of a free lunch

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Oh I'm not looking for a free lunch nor do I think there is one. That's why I put free in quotation marks. It's not really free because I have to look at ads. But it's free enough and a trade I'm willing to make.

I do share some of the concerns of these privacy groups. If Google does it then everyone is going to start and we won't have a minutes peace.

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I knew you were smart enough to know that,

If anyone wishes to discuss invasion of privacy,

Take a look at section 215 of The Patriot Act, which allows for seizure of records from anyone you do business with, including bank records and surveillance film.

Breaking and entering your home to be searched.

Tapping your phone.

All without court order and without your prior knowledge that it has or will occur.

Let's see....which amendment to the Constitution does that step on with both jackbooted feet?

Second Amendment?

GW:"We doan need no steenkeeng second amendment"!

"Ve haf vays of makink you look like ze terrorist if you don't pass this bill, Sub Rosa BTW"

Federal Empire is looking more and more like a shocking reality.

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Sorry to sound defensive.

Just for clarification I was talking about Yahoo pages and such. I don't like the ads but live with them. Pop ups I hate worse. I try not to go to sites that throw pop ups at you.

I seriously doubt I would use the Google mail. That would be too annoying.

Patriot act: Hehe needs it's own thread in politics. Maybe there is one. But if we're gonna keep it small I will say that I like the idea of getting bad guys but hate the idea of what everyone else may lose. I wonder how far the FBI/whatever other agency does this stuff researched me because I am an Insurgent in the role play aspect of the game and have two web sites mentioning Insurgents. I bet they looked just to make sure.

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