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Sasser worm author apprehended

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It is said that "Pride goeth before a fall"

And Boasting will tip your pedestal Mach schnell.

I wonder if those guys were members of The Chaos Club, or just a bunch of snotty nosed German teens with too much leisure time.

With all that money dangling as motivation to squeal, future malicious code authors are going to be very quiet about their misdeeds. Nothing could burn their bacon any blacker than sitting in silent smugness. Pure torture....heh

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The more intense the scrutiny: the more careful the culprits will become.

I would think, it would work more to law enforcement's advantage, to be more discreat in publicity, and allow those code writers the illusion of concealment.

(unless of course), they see themselves as extremely lucky, this time around. And are attempting to scare off potential malicious programmers from participating.

Either way, I see no advantage in bragging about two arrest in over 5 years. The result would appear counter-productive to me.

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