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Now THAT is too cool!!

Too bad it isn't secure, but when you need backup, screaming on an FRS (Family Radio Service) to get your buddies is a pretty darn good plan.

Time to update my MARS license and get back into the Military affiliate program and start taking traffic for soldiers in Iraq.

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Originally posted by jamotto:

It is nice to see people helping out. We need more of this.

Though I digress it does make me wonder about the "big wigs" at the Pentagon.

The military is supposedly working on tools similar to this but, one must wonder what the freaking hold up is.

IMHO this makes upper command and procurement look like the bunch of country club slugs they are.

Sending our people into a war zone, without every possible piece of equipment that can be provided for their protection, shows ignorance and negligence on the part of the chain of command.

If a mom in Texas can procure personnel communications equipment, why the hell can't the Quartermaster?

I think every swinging **** from the Commander in Cheif down to the last one star in the Pentagon should be brought up on charges for every death that could have been averted with proper equipment.

They spend Billions and Billions of "our" tax dollars on super weapons that provide "Shock and Awe"

With this countrys' level of technology, I consider it a CRIME to send our soldiers into harms way with only a weapon, a helmet, and the clothes on their backs.

Shock and Awe is all well and good but Shot and Aww can be and SHOULD be eliminated ASAP.

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