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Supreme Cmdr

A Farewell to Transmeta

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Yup, never even knew about them. But, I found the last paragraph of the article to be very interesting in reguards to transistors.


Transmeta's influence may continue if the company manages to roll out a product based on its LongRun2 technology, which controls transistor leakage, the flow of current that occurs when a transistor is off. Transistor leakage has gotten progressively worse as chips have continued to shrink, and Intel's Andy Grove has cited it as a threat to Moore's Law. While Fujitsu, NEC, and Sony (SNE) have licensed LongRun2, none of the three has yet rolled out a product incorporating the technology. Transmeta's technology may not be able to extend the company's life span, but if it manages to extend that of Moore's Law, we'll all be indebted to the pioneering startup."

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