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Army Approves The M107 Long-Range Sniper Rifle

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This happened back in march and I just came across it now. I don't think it's been posted before since I did do a search and nothing came up.

Army News: Army approves full fielding of M-107 sniper rifle

Tech Specs.

Another good link: Military.com: THE GRIM REAPERÔÇÖS ARM JUST GOT LONGER: The M107 Long-Range Sniper Rifle

The author mentions a clip but in the tech specs it states that it's a magazine.

Edit: I fixed the first link

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I see some minor differences now. I saw a show on the history channel that spotlighted the M82A1 and I thought, Wow! What a weapon!

Tactically, the importance of anti-sniper weapons like this (weapons that allow you to kill enemy snipers without being in range of THEIR rifles) cannot be overstated.

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Guest Grayfox

heh carlos hathcock used to do it with the old m2 .50 cal in vietnam. im talking the vehicle mounted one. hed put a scope on it, and booyah. talk about skill, that guy had truckloads

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