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Stand by for disaster


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Guest Grayfox

ya i remember seeing this this morning... and i thought to myself "gee what happened last time they pressed on when something was wrong?"

i seriously hope they dont launch till that sensor problem is fixed... but if theyre abstinate enough to go ahead...

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Yep...they are under pressure.....

And people are gonna die.

Time for oldstyle rockets.

Sorry...that's the way I see it.

The Soyez is a work horse.

Edit: that sucker can be launched in a thunder storm.

The Shuttle can't be launched if someone farts inproperly.

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Sorry..kinda lost faith in our program.

Maybe it would be best to come in second or third for a change,so we can get our shit squared away.

That's the way I see it.

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Give me a fricking break you guys.

ONE of the fuel sensors is out, BIG fricking deal, there are 3 others...

My god, if my fuel gauge had 4 sensors, I would be a happy camper, and if one went out, so what, the other 3 will do just fine thank you.

Man, you guys are negativity squared.

The launch will go off without a hitch, and the reentry and landing as well, then we ought to retire the overbuilt POS's, and go for something a little more basic, that won't break every time you turn around.

We need a fricking volkswagen, not a damned rolls royce...

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Jag o'l buddy.....thats what they said back then.

Back on that cold morning.

No problem...no worries.

However....hopefully there won't be a problem.

However,we need to look ahead to the next generation of launch vehicle.

Something reliable.

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That's the probem with the Shuttle...TOO DAMM COMPLICATED!.

We need something simple and reliable.Simple as that.Screw reusesability.

Like Jag said in a previous post,it damm near takes the whole cost of the launch vehicle just to launch it.

In fact...looks like the Russians are getting their crap squared away.

That's just plane crazy.

Buy shit from the Russians.

Renko Arkady....my hero.

(Martin Cruz Smith)

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You are kidding....right?

As compared with American disasters?

They can launch a Soyez in a thunder storm.

Probably not a good idea,but can be done.

Hey.....we need more reliable launch vehicles.

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As I said, we need a volkswagon, NOT a rolls Royce.

Something that is simple, and reliable, something that is bullet proof, why use a computerized timing system, when a distributor will do the job, it won't be as efficient, but it will be a LOT more reliable.

I mean seriously, my old 73 satelite was a GREAT car, and I could tear that thing apart and rebuild it in an afternoon, and if I did take it to a mechanic, it would cost me maybe $100 max, whereas with my minivan, I take it to the shop, because I sure as heck can't work on the darned thing, and it cost a minimum of $600.

Ridiculous, totally insane...

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What ever happened to those 'Single Stage to Orbit' experiments.

One Burned up,I remember.

Oh...I know what happened.

They were doomed to obscurity by having an article in 'Popular Science'.

A death knoll.

Like Fusion power.


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