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Microsoft's Balmer vowed to kill Google

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Originally posted by JUDGExKTF:

.... I'm not disturbed by the fact that he vows to kill Google, ......

I used to work for Home Depot when they vowed to "Kill Builder's Square" Truth is, when they had an "Enemy" to "Fight" they were a HELL OF A LOT BETTER outfit to work for than they are now. Now, they have all sorts of Quota's and Ceilings on pay that never existed before. They never wanted BS to get the good employees. However, now that BS is gone, it's now such a BLAH company. I still have friends that work there that just Ache for the "Good Ol' days". They just don't seem to have the same Venom against Lowes even though Lowes seems to be stomping them underfoot.

Point is, sometimes you need this type of adverserial competitiion to bring out a focus and a drive to a company when none is present.

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