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System Tools: The list


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just like the list of space games in the gaming forum I thought we could keep a list of programs we use. Which had I really been paying attention I would have known of and used over the years and saved alot of aggravation.

So far I've been recommended and used.

Registry Mechanic 5.0

Disk Keeper 9.0

Perfect Disk

O&O Defrag


tune up utilities 2006

Only thing I'm checking for now is a good reliable anti virus.

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To fight spyware:








OpenOffice 2.0

Audacity (freeware sound editing)

Kerio Personal Firewall

I'd also look at registry editing to add in new shell context extensions. I've got a right click > upload to image shack set up right now.

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I don't know if there is a similar thing out there, but I wrote one I use occasionally that goes through my drives and tells me using a tree view exactly how much space is being used by each directory.

I wrote it because I would want to install something but my 40 gig drive (80 gig now, almost full) was full and I didn't know what was using it all. After running the program I would discover that a game I hadn't played in months and had forgotten about was taking up 1-2 gig.

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There are Mac Dock simulators out there also that are fun to play with. Y's Dock was discontinued but replaced with another one. It causes minor problems when gaming unless you turn it off though.

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Just wanted to say that tune up utilities 2006 found like 250 errors in my drive, after scans with Ccleaner, registry mechanic and others... its very good in my opinion.

also downloaded avast free home edition for viruses.

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I agree with raziel Adware and Spybot seem to complement each other very well.

Also as a bit of an announcement, I'm letting ya'll know Thursday night when I used the Registry Mechanic recommended above on my Win Me. It messed up after it restarted or maybe before, but anyway what resulted was after I login (or used Safe Mode) my comp would show nothing but the ordinary HP background I usually have and then just the mouse. The mouse moves and I can Ctl-Alt-Del, but no programs appear.

I took it to a place on campus when I can get it fixed. I was able to save all the files I needed. Like Classroom stuff, BC RP files, all of My Documents, and a few other stuff. It came to a total of 1.40 something gig of memory I saved. The rest got formatted.

I won't get my comp back until Tuesday, I"m gonna crack I know

I don't blame anyone it was my choice, but since I was on Me I wanted to let others know. Also to those that harrassed me (friendly, of course ) about having Win Me, stop cause they are upgrading me to Win XP Pro & I got a free USB stick with 512MB. I'm HAPPY!

But I'll always miss the good ol' days....maybe when I'm drunk

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