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Cassini finds fountains or geysers on Enceladus

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Nice find!


"NASA's Cassini Images Reveal Spectacular Evidence of an Active Moon

December 6, 2005

(Source: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute)

Fountains of Enceladus

Jets of fine, icy particles streaming from Saturn's moon Enceladus were captured in recent images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. The images provide unambiguous visual evidence the moon is geologically active.

"For planetary explorers like us, there is little that can compare to the sighting of activity on another solar system body," said Dr. Carolyn Porco, Cassini imaging team leader at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colo. "This has been a heart-stopper, and surely one of our most thrilling results."

I wonder how long before man is filling up their spaceship's fuel, water and oxygen tanks at Saturn.

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