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Scientists teleport two different objects

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Einstein was way ahead of these guys.

Supposedly, he and a team of scientists conducted a unified field experiment in a Philadelphia shipyard during WW II. It is alledged that they made a Canon class Destroyer Escort( USS Eldridge) disappear and transport itself instantly some 300 miles to the port of Norfolk, Virginia. Only problem was that some of the few crewmembers onboard were found physically buried in the decks and bulkheads, while other crewmembers were found suffering a severe loss of thier faculties.

Since then. extensive searches have been made of naval records and no corroborating evidence of this experiment have been found.

One could say that it's odd how things like this are buried in "beyond Top Secret" files. Like the research work of Nikolai Tesla.

To date, the only evidence of ship masking technology found was a degaussing experiment that was meant to make a ship invisible to the sensors of magnetic mines.

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