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Mission to Save Hubble Could Put Astronauts at Risk

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Hubble is saved!

Cool. Of course they have to complete the mission safely but this is great news.


Hubble-bound shuttle astronauts have a daunting task ahead of them. Their tasks include:

The installation of Wide Field Camera-3, a new camera to amplify HubbleÔÇÖs vision.

The replacement of HubbleÔÇÖs batteries, some thermal insulation and a broken guidance sensor.

Refurbishment of the HubbleÔÇÖs vital attitude controlling gyroscopes used to orient the space telescope. Only two of the six are in operation. Two are held as spares while two others are broken.

The installation of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph and unprecedented repair of HubbleÔÇÖs Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS), which was never designed to be worked on in space.

Using the shuttleÔÇÖs engines to boost Hubble into a slightly higher orbit.

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