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Knights of the Old Republic - PC

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I picked this game up last night... it's a 3500MB installation... on 4 CD-ROM's...

Picked it up since I like Bioware's NWN games and figured this would probably be a good RPG... it's got pretty much 100% excellent reviews, and I'll share my first impressions here.

The Good Points:

This game has excellent cinematics

This game has excellent voice acting

This game has an excellent storyline

This game has a fairly decent combat system (we all shoot like stormtroopers... roll those dice baby!)

The lightsaber battles all look kick-ass

All in all this is a really great game... the control scheme really takes some getting used to initially, but once you grasp the hang of it, it's fairly intuitive, although not as good as the NWN scheme IMHO...


I don't get to be a jedi until later on... would have liked being a jedi from the beginning... instead of wasting half my levelling in the soldier class...

All of the dialogue choices make it out like you have to be a retard to embrace the dark side of the force... it all breaks down like this:

RANDOM GUY: Help! Hax0rs stole my megahurtz!


A. I can help you!

B. I can help you for a price!

C. It's not my problem...

D. I can kill you and put you out of your misery!

Naturally picking D. just makes you out to be a big ******* to everyone... but damned if it doesn't shorten these side-quests quite a bit.

Of course it makes no freaking sense... people who fall to the dark side are lured and tempted by the power... they aren't normally *******s to begin with... are they?

Anyways, that's my only gripes... other than the fact that everyone seems to be wanting my help... you'd figure they'd go get a gun of their own or something.

Also - it seems to me that certain side-things get broken very easily unless you stay on the path to completing it. *shrug*

Here's hoping for my red lightsaber and force-lightning soon... that way I can quit with all the sissy please help me quests and take out some frustration on half these tards...

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Silk, since I am the Lord of the Sith in reality, I happen to know how to alleviate one of your gripes. It requires a bit of skill and I recommend you beat the game regularly before you do this. This isn't a cheat, it WILL make your game more difficult to begin with but the benefits are a possible level 19 jedi/level 1 soldier.

Assuming this game plays the same on the PC as it does on the XBOX, you start as a level 1 soldier/scout/scoundrel. Go through the Endar Spire and Taris WITHOUT levelling up even when you gain enough experience to. You can actually "save" your levels until you get to Dantooine and become a Jedi and thus dump all those extra levels in Jedi Guardian/Sentinel/Consular.

I have a level 19 Jedi Sentinel (Dark Jedi) that is for all intensive purposes unstoppable. I'm talking Force Lightning hits for like 50-60 HPs of damage. It's sick.

Hope that works for you and makes the game even better for you. :-)

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I ordered this game, has not arrived yet. I first heard of it when I bought Jedi Outcast in middle 2002... been a long wait.

how does the game run on your system and are you using the 1.01 patch? there's an official one out now.

people have complained of choppyness on high end systems and it seems AMD microchip users have had the best results.

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It's running fine on my system... I am using the 1.01 patch.

I'm using a GF3 and it has no problems... no lag or anything.

Thanks for those tips... I've already screwed up probably have a lvl 4 soldier so far... will probably save those levels till later now and work out with a lvl 16 jedi I guess.

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i'm still playing this classic on my X-box.

i've usually ended the game with Heal and a double-bladed red lightsaber(with all the good crystals.)

but i've learned u can be on the light side of the force and still use lightning without turning to the dark side.

my only gripes are that the alien conversations get repetitive(i mean the alien voice acting.)


I don't get to be a jedi until later on... would have liked being a jedi from the beginning... instead of wasting half my levelling in the soldier class...

well they have there reasons. you wouldn't have a good Dueling skill or you would'nt have all these extra attacks and things.

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Silk, or anyone else who has this game, could you do me a favour...could you use your launcher and check and post what version of OPENGL you have on your PC...or what ever program you can use to check it.

reason i want to know is the minimum required version is 1.4 i have 1.3.4063 or something, some inspiron 8200 users with radeon 9000 m are working the game nicely, and others are complaining of frames at 1 every 20 seconds.

since ill be installing it tomorrow i want to have this laptop ready heh.

i have the latest catalyst drivers from ATI released today, modded to work on a laptops mobile card. ( all us mobile users are doing it)

so i should have the latest opengl version namely like 1.5 or at least above 1.4!

at the risk of not knowing what i am talking about, since i dont know anything about opengl and their drivers, they're supposed to be updated through a normal driver release like this from ATI right? nothing separate i have to download from any where? like how you have to download directx...

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