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Anyone up for some gaming this weekend?

Guest $iLk

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Assuming my weather here doesn't go to Hell, I will attempt testing a connect for a game tonight.

Anyone who would like to assist would be appreciated.

My router problem has to do with a known issue of ServU FTP server and Linksys routers... I'm attempting to solve that so that I can get underway.

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I will now be testing out a server for TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC from -6GMT 2040 - 2120. If you would like to help me test to see if this works, your settings are:


PORT: 27015

USERNAME If applicable:bcm

PASSWORD: 3000ad

I will leave it on for a little while, stop bye for at least a few if you are able.

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Okay, I've finally tracked down a valid halfLife update (the halfLife platinum pack 2 is way out of date on patches *SHAME ON YOU SIERRA*)

If I don't have the server running in another 20 minutes, I will put this file online here tomorrow so that people here can grab it so we are all patched.

If you want a good fast link to the full file:

I'm getting over 100k/s d/l speed here. halfLife FULL install

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I am up for tonight if you guys are. You can get my contact information from the first page in this thread. I will leave them online until sufficient people (3 or more) contact me to start, at which time I will post all connection info here.

I will need some tests tonight to make sure my router is forwarding the port correctly. Volunteers?

I am -6GMT (Central)

Will be home around 1700 (5:00p)

TFC is the plan unless you guys want something else. halfLIFE version

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Alright, I've unhooked my POS router and set up direct to my modem.

Anyone who wants to contact me can do so now for a final test of my server, then it should run fine

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Anyone want's to join in on a second round starting in about 5 minutes, that IP addy is:

No Password

No lag at all the last game *knock on wood*

Had about 8 people last one, let's go for 16.

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EP5, I think you can download TFC by itself for free. Not sure if it works without halflife or not because I haven't tried it, but go to FileFront and look under the halflife/teamfortress section.

We had a good match of HUNTED last night too.

I wish I could remember how to do the custom sprays, I downloaded the proggies to make them so shouldn't be a problem. In CS I used the hello.jpg (if you don't know what I'm talking about you haven't been on the internet long enough) to gross people out. Wish I could find that screenshot...

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Sorry for my sudden absence last Friday night, my hard drive started making funny noises and crashed my computer. I've been able to get it working again, but I'm buying a new hard drive and starting from scratch, so as to eliminate any further problems.

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My wifes hard drive started screwing up a couple weeks ago. I wouldn't boot for awhile and would say that Primary Device not found.

Started working again though, but had another problem related to a driver infinitely loading or something.

Be sure to go to Microsoft's website and download the files necessary for creating a boot disk if using Windows XP.

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Alright guys, if anyone wants to game this weekend any time, we can set up a time and here are the choices if I'm server:






Medal of Honor: Allied Assault


If anyone is interested,

MSN: [email protected]

YIM: [email protected]

ICQ: 47924226 (Does anyone still use this anymore?)

AIM: KG1 Wolffe

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