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Enemy Nations


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Just picked this game up...anyone have any thoughts on it?


Cmdr ShoHashi

Spectre Fleet

Chief Security Officer, Pre-Commissioning Crew, StarStation New Frontier

ICV Aries

ICQ 484321

"Attack With Effectiveness"

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If you like micromanagment your gonna have a blast...if not you'll be returning it sooner then you think. I enjoyed it but combat is very...dull...and doesn't really happen that often. You can't build massive forces like you can in most games of this type because you have to produce oil and then have it transported frmo the oil refinery to a normal refinery so it can be convereted to gas. (too many tanks=no gas=vehicles don't move=you lose)

Good luck...


Commander Bandus

GCV Defiant

*1st Squadron,*HammerHead Wing

Stationed, *Starbase Masada

"Universal Peace Through Deadly Force"

ICQ 48630242 EST

=Wraith Fleet=

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