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Operation Flashpoint

Guest $iLk

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(This one deserves it's own thread)


So what does everyone think of the demo (or the game you lucky b*stards in the EU?

I went over everyones heads and made my first transaction with the European Union with my trusty credit card.

I have order the European version of OF and intend to get some experience in before everyone else in the US gets a copy.

Check out the trailer at flashpoint1985.com and you to can order it at codemasters.com

it was only 50 dollars US today, but with exchange rates changing you never know.

Tell me this game doesn't have depth...

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You probably already read my comments about it. Trust me on what I said. You'll love this game. It will consume your every waking moment until BCM gets the gold treatment. It's vast. It's gripping. You feel bad when your hick buddies dont come back from patrol and when your heart of gold squad leader buys it during the Everon evac. *sniff*

The mission I described before was about the sixth one in, and I've gone about eight or so more since that point. As far as I can tell, im still in the early stages of Operation Flashpoint, and the character/career jumping (which can be a little annoying after you get attached to your jar head alter ego) means you got at least three games in one - even more with the addition of an intuitive but simple individual and squad based command system.

Only real gripe is that it is processor intensive, and not to be played on anything less than a P3 if you have the muscle for it. Im running it on a P2 450 and it runs poorly even with most of the graphical detail turned off. True, I've only got a GeForce 2MX backing it up, but it's still a hog.

It's not an easy game by any means. Although having said that, upon replaying some of the earlier scenarios I walked through (Well, more or less) I found it nigh on impossible to finish them second time round.

And dont be planning on rakin up them kills. Weapons fire is innacurate unless you are at near point blank range, and even with a steady aim the zoom function and scope doesnt help all that much. Sure, you dont need to be all that accurate if you are lying prone with an M60 laying down supression fire at a squad of ruskies intent on showing you the real meaning of Glasnost (sp) but if you dont keep your head low and be prepared to move every few seconds, some Spetnaz is gonna take notice and put a cap in your ass real quick.

What else can I say? I love this game. To coin a phrase, 'nuff said.

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Guest Vaipa

Indeed a very good game, but not as hard as some may think.

The best thing about this game is the AI. The missions are just made pf units placed around the map with waypoints, and what does the player influences their behaviour. For example you can see enemy commanders giving order to their squads while looking at you through binoculars. Another interesting thing in this game is that the AI works in teams effectively. You can pair snipers with commandos or officers(they get binoculars) , send them somewhere safe, hidden and prefferably high, tell the commando to scan the horizon for enemies, and it will point targets for the sniper. Maybe I'm a bit confuse, but you'll understand what I mean when you get the game, and if you're a fan of realistic shooters you need to GET IT.

PS: While the bullets in OFP aren't instant, they don't fall off with distance. Looking through the weapon's sight may be more precise than zooming and using the crosshair for aim.

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Sometimes the mission won't end if you don't do it the 'right' way. But basically you are allowed to do anything in the game. The game really picks up when your first alter ego is promoted to leftenant and you get to order your guys about i.e. suicidal things (hehe). I am supposedly on the last mission (destroying the scuds) but my brother has 'liberated' my copy. Oh well now I can't be a spoiler tell everyone what the ending is like.

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I downloaded a bunch of missions for the demo to keep me happy while I wait for my copy to arrive...

I have a cool mission where you get to be in a T72 and try and order your men what to do, and I get fed up and take over their positions.

This game kind of reminds me of the feeling in Tom Clancy's RED STORM RISING.

I played as one of the Russian AA platforms, Streika or something, and the radar does nothing!

I get the warning like in FORCE 21, "I see helicopters" and have to dive out to avoid missiles. I played the real demo mission and drove the jeep with all the soldiers in it off a cliff into the water, it sank with everyone on board... so I was able to get out, and still hear them down there so I threw some grenades down in the water (like depth charges) and that got them out of the jeep albeit in a few pieces...

This game is fun and suspenseful, I remeber laying down covering fire while my men ran and I got up and started running and could hear a vehicle getting closer and closer, I ran and could hear my heart pounding and the blood rushing to my ears and ran over a hill and ducked into a bush and was able to look back and saw a T72 roll over the hill and right past where I lay in the bush. It rolled for a bit, then turned off in another direction and started churning forward looking for us. Then my ******* squad started *****ing about how I had left them after I covered their sorry asses... oh well...

I love the damage graphics too, houses knocked in on themselves, tanks with big dents and holes, and the body hits are spectacular to watch... especially in the final trailer on the main site. The music is cool too.

Well I will post back here when I find something new or get my copy from the UK.

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