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Think back now, remember these games?


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After seeing StarFlight being mentioned in another thread, I thought I'd throw out some names of a few other oldies I remember playing all the way through:


Sentinel Worlds

Space Rogue

and Star Control 1 & 2

ADDED 10/31/01 - Sentinel Worlds Screenshot:


Ahh, good memories of all those. I distinctly remember Sentinel Worlds, both for its bugs, but mainly as being about 10 years ahead of its time. They worked so hard at making a relatively simple game look incredibly futuristic. As far as I remember they were the first to overlay a top-down map of your party in realtime while moving in a first person 3D maze. Hard to describe, but the effect was breathtaking at the time, real art. Now it makes you look back and laugh. But someone had to be the first.

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