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Interplay, can it get any worse?

Supreme Cmdr

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Yep, another one bites the dust, company run by comittee, geez, CYA!!

Keep tight riegns on your company SC, it is amazing what people can do to a company if it's not thiers.

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Guest Grayfox


Originally posted by Scrivener:

what will become of Black Isle and Fallout 3D?

theyll probably end up like looking glass studios... they put out 2 great games in thief and thief 2 but went under... sad really

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Guest Hellbinder[CE]

Have all game publishing companies become like Don king? Day after day I read reports that leave me wondering how these astonishingly inept fools even tie their own shoes.....

Publishing companies are ruining the game industry. It looks like there are only about 3-5 game developers left in the world capable of running their own show and holding back the tide of publisher carnage.

Id software


fraxis (sid meyer)


Hmmm there may be a coupple more,,,, Cant remember....

SEGA is the only publisher that I really like, mostly because they only publish their own internal development studios heh. And, they are

willing to take chances on many different types of games.. talking fish anyone?????

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