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starfleet command 3


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the original game mechanics didn't cut it for me.

thankfully, taldren the developers made it as moddable as all of their games previously and the talented community has come to its rescue.

mods released by players have added over 200 star trek ships, plus some created by themself to the game, plus more show like weapon loadouts on the ship.

along with other tweaks, its definitely the game it should be by default.

all models are redone, better models, plus better textures. extremely important was all the lights missing from ships.

A romulan warbird now looks like a romulan warbird.

also with new missions and scripts, its more fun to play the online customized campagnes that these mods offer.

There is a constitution refit in the game which looks just like if you were looking at it from the motion picture.

this mod can be found here


others like it can be found at sfc3files.com

such as Dominion Wars Mod.

Unity II mod.

if you bought sfc3 a while ago and wanted to give it another whirl...these mods won't disappoint.

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hope you enjoy it.

with the 1.04 update, there are so many missions added to the dynaverse.

so single player multiplayer, both are fun.

before you could only get missions when choosing to attack another AI ship. now there are at least 15 scripted missions to choose from to gain prestige, and take over hexes.

another version 1.1 will add much more to the campagne aspect, terms of missions and the map.

if you want to remove those annoying shield rings around your ship let me know.

looks cool when they are gone.

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Hello All,

SFC III can still be a tactical challenge. I and my fleet play on GSA and the "Unity 2.2" mod. It is fairly easy to install and get on the Dynaverse. Coordination is done on Teamspeak. My fleet is currently the best and most feared in the Dyna on this mod. The Unity 2.3 is in the testing phase and the new Camp will begin in a week or two. If you are interested in participating, check it out at http://www.stcd.sgonline.com/forum/ and check out the progress. Hope to see you there.

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