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Freedom Fighters

Guest Grayfox

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Guest Grayfox

has anyone tried this yet???

i picked it up a few days ago... heres the skinny.

You and your brother are plumbers in new york when all of a sudden the 2 of you get sucked down a drain into the mushroom kingdom... wait wrong game...

you and your bro are plumbers in manhattan, and youre in the middle of a job when the soviets invade new york and take it over. this all happens in an alternate future (one where the russians dropped the a bomb on berlin and ended the war).

youre brother gets nicked by the "reds" and you escape and fight the russians thereby forming a "resistance movement"

the mission map has different areas for you to fight in and each area has a main building you have to take over and raise the ole red white and blue on the flag pole. theres also side areas like helicopter pads, and bridges etc etc that if you blow them up, it makes other parts of the current map easier. IE: you gotta blow up a bridge to slow down troop reinforcements in the area, but theres a hind guarding the bridge. so you go to another area of the map and blow the heliport and boom, no hind. you blow the bridge, and boom no troop reinforcements. all this makes taking the main objective buildings in each mission sector alot easier.

for each objective you accomplish or blow up, you get charisma points. 100 points gives you the ability to command a freedom fighter who tags along with you. you can also issue orders to your subordinate freedom fighters. you can control up to a total of 12 men which makes for some interesting fights.

the dialogue was just plain bad... im talking resident evil for the ps1 bad...

overall it was decent, but since i got the cube version and i dont own a xbox or ps2, im taking the game back for credit... it was good, but not great.

if you own an xbox or ps2 try it out due to the multiplayer aspect... same with the pc version.


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