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Terminus : Nutty old Parias needs your help!


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I don't even know who the hell "loserman" even really is, but I figured I'd jump in there and contribute anyways smile.gif


Cmdr. Parias

Spectre Fleet

Chief Engineer, Starstation Destiny



Staff member at HardNews

"Next time you're passing by and feel like dropping in, keep passing by untill you get to a river, and THEN drop in." -Jake Logan

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Anyway, noboby is going to flame anyone over their opinions of a competing product. If I see it, I'm banning that person. No exceptions. People have different tastes and we are all sci-fi fans.

Exactly Right SC!

Everybody who comes here has a right to their own opinions of what is good to them and what is not. I personally respect their opinions as I would expect their respect in return. This, however, does not apply to coming to the home site of a game and trashing their project. I will not go over to the Terminus Site and tell them my opinion of the game. I'll let my absence there do my talking for me. Additionally, as I've proven in the past here, I will not tolerate someone coming over here and trashing BC. It's just not civilized! wink.gif

So take some friendly advice from "Uncle Rattler" Commanders, If you like their program over at Terminus, By all means go tell them that you like it. If you don't like it, Don't say a word about it over there. True Silence is Deafening I'm told. wink.gif


Rattler, Insurgent One



Official Tester,Battlecruiser Series

[email protected]

ICQ 12894104

"Still Kickin' after all these years!"

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