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Forbes - video game industry faces 'crisis of creativity'

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So sad that this is what the game industry has come to. Squaresoft, Capcom, and EA are the biggest offenders. Final Fantasy 6047, Megaman 21,419, EA NBA March 2004, and Resident Evil 115782589748975892789357982375892357283976138976189671894673896728936729387 all have to be retired for a very long time.

And thats only for consoles. At least the PC platform has the decency to hide it by giving games different titles. Every first person shooter since the last 10 billion years or so may be a copy and paste ripoff job of counterstrike/BF1942, but at least they have the decency to hide it and give it a new name.

Seriously, I think all the game "genres" should just be given the needle and put down so we can start from scratch. Otherwise, we're just going to keep seeing counterstrike over and over and over just with different names.

It's a shame that this rediculous regurgitation has spread to all creative industries, especially movies (more specifically, Disney movies). We just keep seeing the same tired old plots labeled, canned, and sold over and over and over by hollywood.

Music is also pretty bad with this, but then again, there are only 7 notes, and only so many ways to put them together that don't suck, so I guess people are bound to run out of ideas eventually.

But movies, books, and video games have no boundaries, and there is no excuse for this rediculous mass market cloning.

I'm done rambling now...

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Well, one things for sure, the flight combat sim will never get tired. It will probably be perfected again and again until it captures the real thing. And that's nothing to get sad over DeepFreeze.

That?s good news to me, only in this regard though...

I agree, that all those other genres are just making clones up the wazoo.

One genre I wish they would focus more on also is free roam or Exploration.

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I know some of my conservo friends will say "not again" but this is there fault. Like movies were say 22 years ago, video games are now recognized as being huge cash cows. Creative decisions will probably (like the film industry) be made more and more by bean counters pointing to pie charts and target marketing. That is why we get movies that are more and more indistinguisible from one another, franchises and sequels. They make money because of the Harlan Ellison factor. Ellison posits that 94% of everthing is shit. The masses love mediocrity, how else can you explain the popularity of the Dukes of Hazzard?

This appears to be bleeding over the gaming industry. Replication equals cash because the " average American" is culturally retarded, doesnt read, watches too much tv,and wants the same thing over and over again. Many of these clones are now gamers! They want a game that "just like the movie!"

The only hope is that like independent filmmakers, independent developers continue to press on. SC is like the Jim Jaramuch or John Sayles of the gaming industry. I hope he aint the only one.

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