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My review of several demos:

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Today I downloaded a bunch of demos and tried them out to see if any games were really worth anything. Here they are along with my impression:


Graphics: Quake II Engine appearance (water looks nice however - SFX Suck though)

Sound: Music Sucked - Voice acting childish - dialogue stupid (a 2nd grader could have made it sound more intelligent)

Gameplay: Similar to any FPS - except there is no direction in the demo - and it sucks.

Overall Impression: It was annoying as hell because if you happened to die - you had to go through about a 10 minute cinematic that it wouldn't let you skip. Very tiresome - uninstalling this POS as we speak. DID NOT DELIVER "halo killer"

Score: NEGATIVE 3.0



Graphics: Quake III lookin - crappier models though, lack of enemy variety... gore galore.

Sound: Nice heavy metal soundtrack... repetative monster sounds

Gameplay: Think Hexen/Blood/ and the like Nostalgia galore...

Overall Impression: If you want a pointless game that just delivers a heaping helping of completely identical enemies out of spawn points you can see - and attempts to tie all this together with an intriguing story be my guest. However - I ain't buying because this is one of those 10 minutes and you realize you've been there before games... once the novelty of the "new" weapons wears off.

Score: 3/10


LockOn Modern Air Combat:

Graphics: Excellent... except when I got hit by a missile it somehow blew my texture off...

Sound: Good Sound Effects... nothing special but it does the job

Gameplay: Do NOT play without a joystick... also I tend to like WW2 sims better because dogfighting is more meaningful than "I've got tone!" and BABOOM M'F'er

Overal Impression: If you are a flight sim fan it's passable... but it's nothing special

Score: 5/10


Massive Assault:

Graphics: Not all that hot... does the job for the gameplay however.

Sound: Does the job, but again nothing special.

Gameplay: Turn based RTS... I have trouble getting excited with this because of it's Checkers style mentality as opposed to actual depth y'know?

Overall Impressions: When it hits the $5.00 bargain bin it might be fun for a spin through... but I won't be wasting my $5.00

Score: 3/10


X2 The Threat

Graphics: Decent... nothing great but better than some of these other go-getters I was playing.

Sound: Decent... but no one knows how to mix good effects anymore... the music was okay.

Gameplay: Confusing controls... backwards ass flight settings. For those people that like pushing forward on their joystick to mean up. Freelancer was more engaging to me for some reason however... although not as in-depth on the empire building

Overall Impressions:

I'm not paying the current price it's going for... but if I ever see it for $20.00 count me in.

Score 6/10


Soldner: Secret Wars

Graphics: At first I was like "Well this is shitty" but after seeing some of the things that are possible and the multiplayer aspect of this makes me drool... dynamic clothing for your character - hats, helmets, berets, sunglasses, gloves, boots, jackets, backpacks, etc. to customize pretty good. I had a cool trenchcoat beret wearing guy who looked like Himmler. Some of the stuff is SPRITE appearing - the water is excellent though.

Sound: Actually really good on weapon effects.

Gameplay: What OPFLASH should have been in MP. This game is really really fun. A few glitches in it's current beta state however... such as running straight up and straight down a damn mountain... or crazy stuff like that. The big bonus here is DEFORMABLE buildings in Multiplayer. You can blow holes in houses, blow up bridges... heck yeah.

Overall Impressions:

As long as it get's it's issues polished I'm game. There were a few annoying bugs but that's understandable in it's beta state. A TON of freaking features... not just 1 kind of smoke grenade - you can choose from about 5 different colors of smoke... think of team strategy on this baby!!!

Score 8/10

I played these so you don't have to! My reviews I stand by - let me know if you disagree.

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