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WoW Resting System


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I checked Penny Arcade today to see today's strip (well, yesterday's strip, its 2:30 am here...) only to learn about the new "Resting System" in WoW. This is one MMORPG that I've been looking closely at (but don't know if I'll get it when it comes out... Linage II just went gold...) and I've got to say I'm impressed.

What I found funny however, and this is the reason I posted this here, is that many of these so called "Beta" testers are, even before experimenting with it, shooting it down, and basically telling Blizzard how to make their (blizzard's) game.

Honestly, this resting system sounds pretty cool to me. For starters it'll make the game a real RPG, not just a hack-fest like Blizzard's previous RPGs.

What do y'all think of the "resting system"?

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