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Planet Half-life's editor quits out of frustration

Epsilon 5

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Check out this rant, about the Half-Life 2 delay.......

Read it here

It's by, none other than Planet Half-Lifes' Editor, apparently, he's had enough and has decided to hit the road....

A couple of short excerpts:

"But the bottom line is this: I am not a fan of Valve anymore. I don't believe a damn thing they say and I'm sick of their bullshit."


"Valve needs to learn how to properly communicate with their online fan base and treat their fans with respect. That means not telling your fans 7 days before the ship date that HL2 is delayed. That means not giving out vague "oh HL2 will be released this summer and by the way we didn't say summer of what year and it's always summer somewhere in the world so who knows LOL we'll see!" answers to direct questions."

hmm ..

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