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The funniest thing since Resnig attempted a mutiny..and nobody joined him.

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Now, THAT is funny!


You know, I just KNEW Universal Combat reminded me of another game. Battlecruiser 3000 A.D., that was the name of it! It's uncanny! Obviously DS just ripped that classic old game off line by line, I'm sure the original developer of Battlecruiser 3000 A.D. would be appalled by this obvious theft of intellectual property and code! For SHAME, Derek.

HOW Could you....SC?

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Guest Fox__Trot

oh I get it


now that's the second best thing ive heard today (The first being that im finally getting a raise)

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Good old Fenris Got involved in that conv =), last I remember he was always supportive of Derek Smart, back on the BREED board when ever someone wanted to gripe about DS he would tell them to take it to his board and to leave the BREED board alone

Often times, they never took it here and Fenris would enjoy locking those threads =)

But, this is a funny read =D

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