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SEGA has been bought out

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SEGA Consoles was bought out by Nintendo a couple of years ago to squash the spectacular Dreamcast that would have killed the GameCube... note after assimilating the Consoles division of Sega there was a delay in the production of the GameCube; rumor is, that the similarites of the GC and the Dreamcast (They both have very similar technologies) were because the Dreamcast team was put on the GC design team.

SEGA games was always seperate... I doubt they'll be making any new consoles, but you never know. If they do I hope they take the American markets like they have the Japanese markets. The Genesis and Dreamcast were WAAAAAY beyond their times, and had some spectacular games. Heh, I still play my old genesis from time to time, its just a great gaming system, and the graphics really don't look that bad at all, unlike the SNES... I couldn't stand playing games that were on both systems on the SNES' at my friends' houses... ugly as crap and I didn't like the controllers either.

The Saturn was a disappointment, but that got rushed out because of demand in Japan and competiton from the Playstation. The Dreamcast was a spectacular system that unfortunately didn't have much time for many games to come out since several months after its release Nintendo did a hostile takeover of Sega Console Systems, Inc.

And that is the story of Sega Consoles.

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