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Frontier: First Encounter on XP

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Was digging down memory lane and came upon my FFE CD and manuals.

Someone offered me $200 for it, when I had the box.

Got on the web and found a recompiled exe to run it under WinXP.

If anyone is interested in this classic, I will post the link.



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...without doubt we are talking about the JJFFE-exe. I played FFE on XP without probs, its a really fine update.

btw. "Elite 3" is shareware by now, so you can download it if you don't have the game.

ah, yes. I will post the link: JJFFE

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Funny how FFE was so advanced for its time. I am still perplexed by the seamless transitions between planets and space. Must be some sort of fraktal terrain map generation..

Whats this about Elite 3? Can't seem to find it, unless thats another reference to FFE.

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