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I have an NVidia Riva TNT2 M64. Will I need to upgrade?

As the FAQ says, if the card is dated, its not supported. If it works, you use at your own risk.

Basically, unless there are DX8 drivers (working drivers, that is) for the card, you're SOL.

Drivers are not my problem and there's nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, the upcoming E2 demo will determine whose card is compliant and whose isn't.

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I got my VisionTek Geforce3 from a store off of www.pricewatch.com for about $350 (Retail is $400).

I had a Geforce 1 Special Underclocked Editition and got under 1000 marks on 3d Mark 2001 (1 GHz Thunderbird with 256 megs of RAM). With this GF3, I get over 4100 Marks at the same settings . Also Tribes2 was a wee bit jerky at 800x600 for me, now I raised the resolution and it runs smooth. I haven't messed around with FSAA all to much, because at higher resolutions, you don't really need it..... but then again... Serious Sam with FSAA on at 1600x1200 with a smooth FPS looks purdy...

Conclusion, If you have a GF1 or slower, a GF3 would probably be a nice upgrade. If you have a GF2, wait till the GF3 Ultra Special Super Duper edition, or the GF4.

I had a little problem installing the GF3, but then I read in the instructions that if you have a VIA chipset, you need to upgrade it. Once I did, it worked swell.

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