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Perimeter, first impression


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I thought I made a post about this before a couple months ago.. but now I can find it (deleted?)

Anywho, bought the game... didn't bother to look at the box cause I thought it was for cd-rom

I pop the disk into the cd rom... nothing... I come to find out the game requires a DVD DRIVE

So that's my first gripe about this game. It requires you to have a dvd drive in order to play

Luckily I had one in my old computer, so I just salvaged it and got the game working

First off, the graphic sare DAMN IMPRESSIVE however the game is a RESOURCE HOG

Even on my alienware system, a 3000-5000 doller system with the most advanced graphics card, 4 gb of ram, couldn't keep up

But here's the fun thing

Even if you have you're graphic set to there lowest the game is still fun to play

The plot is a tad confusing

You play as 3-4 different 'frames' (factions) each with there own 4 special units

The first few levels are more like survival levels for each 'frame' you fight an enemy called the "Scourge", a bug like force that's comprised of spiders, land sharks, red ghost like heads, and fire breathin dragons

The spiders and land sharks aren't really a problem unless they come at you in force


The dragon's and ghost's (red one's) are a major neusance if you don't have a good defense, primaryly because they can chew through you're laser and rocket turrets in under a second

As you progress you're the campaign and play as each 'frame' you soon realize that ... "Who the hell is the good/bad guys?!"

It's impossible to tell who's good and bad in this game. One minute you might think some side is good and find out that there bad... or vica versa

The level's themselves are very challenging because of the way the developers have set up the level's themselves

You might think you're safe then out of no where the ground will split apart and spiders will come out and attack


You might start off on a level pratically right next door to the enemy, the problem with this is that you need to SPEED BUILD. Build up you're power, get a laser lab down and build some laser turrets

Sometime's you might be able to get it up before the enemy manage's to get it's first wave to you

From what I've noticed though, the enemy hardly ever use's there special units and there is a reason for that

On easy, they will NOT use there special

On normal, they will sometime's use them

On hard, they WILL use there special's all the time

A break down of difficulty is this

On easy the game is almost a walk in the park except on some of the more hairy levels

On normal the game is not a walk in the park, but it isn't hard either.. a mission that took you 2 hours on easy might take you 4 on normal

On hard... well... the 5th and 6th mission for me took me 2 hours on easy... on hard... 6-7 hours.. due to the constant wave's of enemy Scourge


On easy you can preatty much lay back and relax

On normal.. you can sometime's lay back (if you have enough defense's up

On hard.. unless you've got super man type reflex's... I wouldn't suggest this

Some of the level's make it so that you have one choice to make and if you make the wrong choice.. well... so long

The AI is also very competitive, they'll try anything to avoid whatever unit's you have on the map (if you have air units, they'll attempt to go underground to try and get you're base)

However, funny thing is.. all you need are two squads of units (One for air) and another for ground (one that can attack ground and underground units) and you're preatty much set

I'd suggest this game to anyone craving a challenge

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Yeah I got it sometime back too, but I still don't really know what I think about it.

The setting does not grab me, but the gameplay itself does... its a "yes no" situation.

I have uninstalled it because I got Spellforce at almost the same time which is a gem, but I will reinstall after I finished Spellforce.

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