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Disciples 2

Mordax Blyrr

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Once in a while you stumble upon a game you've never heard from before, but is a genuine gem!

I think Disciples 2 (and its expansions) is such a case.

In Europe is has been distributed quite scarcely and thus depending on the country you are living in; you either heard from it the day it was released or you never have at all...

The latter was my case.

I first saw it on my uncle's pc. One thing shocked me though; the game could only be playable on 800x600 resolution! "What?! How's that going to work on a 17 inch monitor or larger... it gets quite ugly I suppose?", I asked him, but he replied softly that the in-game resolution is not that big of a problem and besides the expansion packs allow resolution up to 1280x1024 (or whatever that resolution is exactly), instead I should look at the awesome artwork in this game. I agreed, it was something that catched my eye right from the main manu of the game!

"A lot of heart and soul has gone into the artwork(...)" a review stated and I fully agree!

Now some months later I accidentally found all titles in the series on trygames.com!

A nice initiative which offers games for strongly reduced prices, but you will have to download them yourself (in this case a little more than 3GB(!!) for the original game and its expansions). They come fully patched and when a new patch comes you can download a special one for your trygames.com version (as the original patches dont work because you have no CDs) so you stay current along with everyone else.

The game is so 'drop dead gorgeous' that every Fantasy fan should have this somewhere on CD in my opinion.

For more details go to:


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The artistic part of the game is great(in fact gorgeous is more fitting) but IMO gameplay is a bit dull and gets repetitive.Gameplay of Dominions 2 and artistic style of disciples together would make THE FANTASY GAME(IMHO).

Ps.You may want to try the first disciples,it is also a nice game that I play from time to time.

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