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When you're in an area (e.g. launch bay) with an outside view to space/planet, that view is rendered using portals and some of the ancient art of alchemy. So you can see whats going on outside in the world, just as if you were looking outside a cockpit. Same with the bridge and anywhere with a window.

I admit that my knowledge of graphics doesn't extend far past BSP based engines such as the Quake Family Tree or the Unreal Family Tree, and even then I've only messed with them on an amateur level. I've fiddled with OpenGL but I'm still learning 3d graphics (mostly on my own, my University concentrates more on system and application programming than graphics...). How do you keep from rendering too much? In the Quake family there is a "clip-brush" entity that tells the engine to not render this or that unless the player actor is located within a portion of the clip.

Sorry about all these questions and to pull this thread off topic, but my curiosity has the best of me.

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