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What games are you looking forward to?

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1) S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Shadows of Chernobyl -- GSG Gameworld

2) Half Life 2 -- Valve

3) F.E.A.R -- Monolith

4) Earth 2160 -- Reality Pump

5) NEXUS: The Jupiter Incident -- HD Interactive

6) LOTR: The Battle for Middle Earth -- EA

7) Pariah -- Digital Extremes

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1) The Longest Journey 2!!!

2) Gothic 3

3) NEXUS: The Jupiter Incident

4) Half Life 2

5) STALKER (provided there is co-op)

6) Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption

7) Troika's untitled post-apocalyptic RPG

8) Superpower 2

9) LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth

10) Goldenland (if it ever comes out)

11) Destroy all Humans (if released on PC)

12) Parkan 2

*) The Fall - This was supposed to be the spiritual successor to Fallout, but thanks to a school shooting in Germany a couple months ago - the government passed laws that forced the devs to remove every depicition of blood, period. I'm not talking gore. I'm talking not even little pink puffs. Oh yeah - and all the language got cut too... but 'at least they left in the nudity.' What a joke. This one is no longer on my watch list.

Currently playing:

1) MYST 4 - Great fun! A much more interactive world than in previous games (Myst 2,3). Still prefer Uru's real 3D worlds, though.

2) Leisure Suit Larry - It's like a classic National Lampoon movie in game form. With a quick little hex edit it becomes an UNRATED classic National Lampoon movie (devs had to add censor bars to keep from getting an A rating). Funny as hell, but not for the kids.

3) Beyond Good and Evil - Fun little action-adventure game. Reminds me a LOT of Titan AE.

All adventure games too. I hope to see a lot more of these in the near future - looks like the game industry is starting to fall back on fun, original, story-intensive games where problem solving is more important than blowing things up =)

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Guest Hellbinder[CE]



-Halo 2


-Stalker oblivion lost

-Endless Ages Kingdoms expansion..

Yes Endless ages.. has me adicted. Its one of those tiny indy developer games that just has a lot of Style and Fun.

You guys should try it.. any FPS players who like a little RPG and PvP in their Diet should find this interesting.


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I wonder which ones SC is looking forward to...

For all those looking forward to 2160, there is a new trailer at insideearth.de/eng. The interface will soon be replaced by one that resembles the one out of the movie, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. The movies are takne on a Radeon 9600 with no FSAA and AF so if you have the right video card the game can look A LOT better than in the vid.

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Guest Fox__Trot

Honestly im only looking forward to one game and thats BioShock (sytem shock 3) i mean do you REMBER SS 2? why was there a mall on a space ship anyways? :) oh the memories

Halo2/halflife2/Need for Speed underground 2/The call of duty sequal/Finally getting to kill grayfox in a BC game/ and Halflife:source

dont make my list simply because there all sequals and well although im *buying* all of the games (yes grayfox im going to buy w/e game i need to so i can hunt you down and murderously murder you that i need to >:) - anyway they dont make my list since i handle -all- sequals as a wait and see mode

However: the X-mas is going to be BUSY as all get out when it comes to games and im looking forward to it...

Kotor2 does not make the list since i'll wait for it to hit 30 dollars to buy it -- i liked kotor alot but something struck me as "Funny" about kotor 2

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Update--- since I forgot kotor2 was in production im waiting on that too. Im also waiting for steel battalion to get to my house if that counts lol (yeah, im a nerd...but a nerd with money)!

By the way, I was wondering if anyone who pre-ordered halo 2 from ebgames is going to their 12am release (I know I am and cant wait!).

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