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Battlefront.com to publish Dangerous Waters

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One of the few games i'd like to buy. I was just wondering if there were still some sims being made. I was just in the thread "What games are you looking forward to?" couldn't think of anything. But this is one 'll buy besides the UC/BC games.

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Just wan't share this. If you're into modern naval combat you must buy this game!

Just this week i received my copy of Dangerous Waters DeLuxe version with a 570 page manual like in the old days [ Falcon4 anybody ? ].

If you're familiar with SubCommand and you like it then you'll love this. Particulary that you can play it from the view from the surface units.

The FFG-7 Oliver H. Perry alone is fun. You can

Launch Harpoons, Torpedo's, an MK75 gun and i even took out a few virtual terrorists in a high speed patrolboat coming my way to blow themselves up but i took them out with my CIWS .

Missions are basicly like in SubCommand but it also has a quick mission generator. Another new aspect are the buoys which you can drop from the FFG-7 , P3-C and MH-60R to find subs. Like i mentioned in another thread the voicecontrol works very nicely. Phrases like;

make turns for 8 knots

drop DICASS buoy shallow

come left to course 225

raise the ESM mast

Makes you really feel like a commander. Note that

it's not a flightsim you just give the pilot orders that's just not what this game is about. You can control it however. The aircraft have sensors like MAD, dipping sonar, radar etc.

btw: noticed that battlefront has some other nice sims comming up like a tank sim [ T72 ] and a spacebattle kinda sim have to check that out too.

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I will get it soon, when money isn't so tight.

I am looking forward to shooting down those pesky helicopters with the shoulder launched SAM from the Kilo.

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