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HL2.... Best game ever made..

Guest Hellbinder[CE]

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Guest kenny87

Did the administrator remind anyone else of the architect out of the matrix? Besides looking the same they both talked in confusing riddle crap.

Oh god! The half-life trilogy is going be like the matrix trilogy, i.e. one good movie with 2 crappy sequels. Isn't it?

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Guest Grayfox

bah. bunch of techno geeks crying over crap.

i have an nvidia card, and i think the game runs just fine, and looks gorgeous... too bad it wasnt longer, but i digress...

these folks have too much time on their hands.


you can disable autosaves simply and neatly by

simply making the four autosave files (two saves, two screens) read only.

ive tried this, and, for the most part, the stutter is gone. i get a smidge of stutter here and there, but nowhere near like before... and my load time (level to level) has dropped.

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