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Ok this is about freelancer , its a space sim game where you fly in a huge universe doing trading fighting etc etc.

The multiplayer is fun because you can do this with other people, and its more roleplay than fighting so people help and trade with you.

Im in a clan which has its own server, and im looking for people who wan to join the fun and play on a server called Hi Velocity the revenge. the server is very fast and has no lag whatsoever. The server can take a 100 people playing at one time and currently we have 20 playing at one time usually, so theres some wasted potential.

if your looking for fun, come play on the Hi Velocity the revenge server, if anyone needs help,, im server police called [sERV-POL]Joe and i or anyone else in the clan of [uP] will be happy to help.

if you do want to come along, the rules are as follows:

1. no PvP in New York

2. no mods

3. be polite to other players

4. cruise speed of 600 is allowed, no higher

5. obey the rules


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It feels really odd having a Freelancer thread here. I mean with complexity of the Battlecruiser series... well, you know.

In anycase, I am part of a community of servers. In fact I somewhat administrate to them. However activity has been lacking, maybe it's just because it isn't as fun as it used to be.

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I gotta say that i like the battlcruiser for its free roam, but freelancer for its multiplayer, if anyones looking for a different perspective on FL go to High Velocity, we have some new systems on the way and ive helped work on them, they look cool.

people with freelancer should check it out.

as soon as i have a web address for where to download it from, ill tell you.

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