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Half Life 2 Mod: Global Devastation


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I would like to aanounce that the Global Devastation Mod for Half Life 2 is now set to "GO", This means we have a website (currently having the DNS sorted out) at http://www.globaldevastation.com and will feature a PHP Nuke main homepage, PHPBB forums and a first for any mod the Moodle Educational System (this means the modding team can swap files over, meet certain objectives for the version and disscuss changes/rate own work using the built in forums). Guests can visit the Moodle section to check up on the status but they cannot download any files until the team releases it on the main PHP Nuke site.

The Mod itself is an intense team strategy based FPS set during an apocalypse, The year is 2107 and the American Foreign Space object defense program (also known as AFSOD) detected a massive band of asteroids heading for earth from the Ort cloud but partway through the firing sequence the system malfunctioned and instead of several massive asteroids heading for earth there are now millions of tiny bits. The goverments evacuated into their emergency bunkers leaving the civilians and some millitary on the surface to seek cover, with no goverment around to control the countries the whole world breaks out into war with anyone who opposes, Some people form giant factions to terrorise the millitary forces while some are just defending the nearest food or water supplies. Then the asteroids start raining down and destroying buildings but they are not big enough to wipe out massive areas so people continuse to fight over supplies and areas.

This mod involves strategy because 2 of the game modes are based on teamwork and you have to know what you team is doing, there is a leader which is selected at the beggining of each round determined by score, performence or maybe a random choice, the server will state at the beggining of the match, the leader can send commands to people and co-ordinate his/her team into certain attack patterns. Maybe a possibility to plot waypoints, of course the commander can go out and get his/her hands dirty but when they die a new commander is selected etc etc, The first is plain old team deathmatch, the second is unamed, if you have played Science and Industry then you will be familiar with this, On the map there are certain supplies that you have to find, collect and take back to your base before the enemy does, if the round hasn't finished and there are no supplies left then you can steal from the enemy base or find raw materials to make more. This mod will also feature team Vehicles which means more than one person in one vehicle, maybe even people carriers and a possibility of aircraft!

At present there are about 4 people in the mod team, we need much more than that, about 15 will do just fine so if you would like to join the team then e-mail me on the address at the bottom of this article.

We need (preferably experienced people)

* Mappers (about 4-6 people)

* 3D Modellers (split into categorys) (about 3-5 people)

o Props

o Characters

o Weapons

o Vehicles

* Sound Effects/Music (about 1-3 people)

* Coders (About 4-6 experienced guys! we need to be able to do loads of professional stuff)

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to join the team then contact me at [email protected] or Mr Biz at [email protected]


Xploder (Global Devastation Mod Team leader)

Mr Biz (Global Devastation Mod Manager)

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