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Nanaca crash

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My best so far is 13000 and height of wel lover 4000

Other heights can be found on www.starfleetplatoon.com where some of our members have tried playing the game as well, some are doing a good job

Edit: Gah! Forgot mention, we host a mirror for the game, the game was made by some other company. The flash game is based off an adult japaanese game..

Here's a link for more information

Nanaca Crash

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Here's a better site. http://nanaca.narr.as/ It's version 1.07. The starting arrow thing goes a tad slower.

Specials are cool but Combos are great. I hate the girl that stops you if you land on her. Ughh.

6989.43. Still not as good as Kalshion though. Interesting diversion for a bit. :)

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