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Well, i guess its time to give my input... First, even though i havent been on this forum long...i greatly fell in love with BC Millenium and from that time i have seen such great changes that my head swims everytime SC comes out with a new version. The truth is that Derek has spent years perfecting this game and i think it is the most awesome game ever developed. Ok, at the beginning the graphics were indeed shaky...but hey the technology hadnt even caught up with Derek's dream anyway..But now, look at how his dream has become a reality and wow...how the graphics have come alive especially using the Directx 9.0c I have great respect to the SC for his many many years of developing this into the most exciting sim for space ever invented. As for X2...i loved it too but how can you compare..sure the graphics are hot but i enjoy the idea of being who you want and the scenarios of Universal Combat and AWA etc. much better. Why? Because, UCAWA and the others have the ability to land on planets and fly a spacecraft..not to mention the figters, shuttles etc. and who knows what the SC has in store in the next ones....Also, i think UCAWA etc. is so true to what it would be like...making decisions and oh yes...the stupid mistakes we make like..leaving our CC on a planet and forgetting to turn on the AP and halting...LOL OMG i've fallen into that one b4 just as probably we all have..i just had to laugh...standing there as a so-called Commander of a starship while my stupid FO is taking my Megatron for a spin as i look gazing into the sky of an unknown world and thinking..and i'm a commander...what a stupid thing to do...but...the truth is that is EXACTLY what many of us would do as noobies anyway...I could give so many instances of making stupid errors...leaving the shuttlebays open for intruders to steal the shuttles...the list could go on.

Did i like x2? Yes...absolutely but it is a completely different game with a completely different plot...why do we need to compare...

I for one loved em both. For me UCAWA etc. has more roleplay and adventure..and i cant wait to see the future of the game. Something we all on this forum will indeed be a part of...

firestar out.

ps...comment please...lol

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No doubt the BC/UC series rules them all and I too played the previous X games. I will buy X3, but when I read that blurb about the story and a love interest I had to shake my head. I guess that sort of thing would be appealing to certain "younger" gamers, but seriously, romance in games is just so corny.

I remember in HL2 when the female character was first introduced and how they made her flirt. I felt the same then, which is, enough with the adoring looks I wanna shoot something!

Seriously there's plenty of romance to be had in real life and half the time I play games to get away from all the crap that comes with it I could do withoutsome pixelated toon trying turn me on.

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heh, gamers will complain about anything. I for one hope they didn't go and fix what wasn't broken. I'm still bummed that they removed the cockpits when in fact they already had them for all crafts, since the first X game.

Oh, a new patch is due out today

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Well I grabbed a copy of the game today and played it without the 1.2 patch for a short while before going to work. After installing 1.2 I haven't seen much of an improvement in the frame rate department, it still slows down horribly during combat and when there's a couple of the combined stations floating about.

I managed to get into the missions though, which were fairly awful to say the least. The first one has you doing the usual patrolling thing, which is alright but not exactly an action packed plunge back into the X universe!

The second is basically a shooting gallery with extremely irritating and repetetive insults being shouted from both sides. Once you hear Saya (or is it Elena) shout 'no YOU drop YOUR shields and prepare to be FRAGGED!' for the fifth time you begin to reach for the off switch by your speakers.

Eventually I made it to some low res cutscene and then a chase through city, at which point windows said 'Oi! NO!' and crashed me to the desktop.

X3 had managed to inflate my swap file beyond 1.8gb and thus windows had intervened.

On the plus side, the combat is far, far better. The ships glide a lot more and the enemies appear to be better co-ordinated. Though sadly, my game doesn't seem to want me to experience it at anything greater than 15fps.

This rant would be invalid of course, if my PC wasn't within the requirements for the game, but it is, in fact the only thing that isn't listed as the recommended spec for my PC is my graphics card - a venerable Geforce4800 Ti which had no problems running Quake 4.

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Well, anyone who didn't think X3 wasn't going to tax their system, was hoping for too much I think.

From what I've read so far, they did play it safe and made X3 a sort of X2 2.5 by fixing some annoyances from X2, while creating others. My only problem with the previous X games was the combat and the AI. If they've addressed those two issues, then I'm happy.

Does anyone have a list anyway that shows the differences between X2 and X3? Kinda like the list we have for UCAWA?

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I managed to make the game run a little smoother by fiddling with my swap file and shutting down just about everything I could from my process list.

The second mission is actually fairly interesting when you don't get a CTD and with the speakers off for the first part - natch.

As for the combat, it is much more interesting now, as the strafe drive is mapped to the wsad keys. It's comparable to I-War lite - the ships do correct their course eventually but not so much so that you can't strafe around targets. I haven't been able to work out if the combat AI itself is any better, I can tell you that their capital ships and fighters still can't hit an m4 fighter at medium range when it's strafing. But that might just be the game being a little more forgiving on 'standard' difficulty.

I think I'll stick with it and hope that the November patch gives me an extra 10fps or so, yeah yeah that's some wishing for sure, but I'd be happy with that! Also you can't really knock Ego for putting the wrong system requirements on the box, I doubt they had a say in it.

In a nutshell then, changes I've noticed:

Obvious GUI changes, can map keys to just about anything.

Everything remodelled to at least some extent.

No cockpits

Strafe drive effect lasts longer, your ship conforms to a more newtonian flight model.

You do not actually load another level as it were when you dock, complex stations have docking clamps outside of themsevles while other stations such as the trading posts have docking rigs slightly inside.

Bartering system on trading stations which allows you to trade goods without credits getting in the way.

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Indeed...sooo true. I dont know SC, for me your games offer more than just a lovemaking scenario..it offers the player a chance to dream and make logical (and sometimes crazy) decisions. I just enjoy the idea of it being MY ship... Besides, I agree with Grizzle who needs all that love stuff anyway...just give me something to dock at or shoot...LOL

PS...i love AWA and especially planetside...i cant wait til you come out with the next onezzzzz

Cadet Firestar--almost finished training

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UC is great but I need to get my hands on AWA, its so damn hard to find! I had to order my copy from asia or someplace like that but WTF, right? Any way, I think we need to see an option that says a few things, here are my ideas: "Gimme all your crap or I'll blow that scrap heap you call a ship to hell", one more we need capturing, u can get prisioners but no hijacks, so here is a saying for that: "We have locked your ship up with our FATAL system and unless you heave to and prepare to be boarded, you will be destroyed with no regrets or second thoughts, this is not a drill, and BTW have a nice day."

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Originally posted by LB:

UC is great but I need to get my hands on AWA, its so damn hard to find! I had to order my copy from asia or someplace like that but WTF, right? "

eh wot? Have you looked here.

...and where in Asia did you order it? Its not available in any stores anywhere in the world. Except in Russia (through a deal I did with Akella).


Originally posted by Grizzle:

Ugh, maybe I'll wait to pick this one up. Be sure to post your experience SC, I'm guessing you'll give it ago when it hits the shelves here.

I'm still waiting for GoGamer to ship me the darn thing.

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