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Logitech MX-518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse

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I was in the market for a new mouse. My old microsft ball mouse has seen better days so time for a new one. I just happened to be at the logitech site checking out some devices and came across this: Logictech MX-518. I loved the specs so much, I just ran out and got it last night without checking any reviews (which I never fail to do before buying a product). After playing a few games with it, all I can say is this mouse rocks amd it feels like it's riding on a cusion of air. I was curious as to what others thought of this mouse and found a review at Gamespot: Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse. I agree more with the community rating of 9.5 rather than the 8.5 of the in-house-reviewer. If you are in the market for a new mouse, or just want an edge in your gaming, go for this one. Trust me you'll love it. Hmmmm, I'm sounding like a commercial aren't I.

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Originally posted by Enigma:

i have an MX510 and its been superb for me so far

That ones not bad either. Pretty much the MX-518 is a souped up version of the 510. The three differences:

Throughput: 16 bit/axis USB data format, and 125/sec USB report rate

Expanded 16-bit data format supports blazing fast moves with pure precision

Resolution: 1600-dpi native, adjustable to 400- and 800-dp

Both have the task switch button which I also like for your desktop mousing. So like the one community reviewer at gamespot said, this mouse is not just a great mouse for gaming.

As for the Razer Diamnondback plasma Le edition, the MX-518 still beats it hands down. Since the LE is still geared just for gaming and not for desktop applications. The MX-518 doesn't have all the fancy lights on it which makes it slighly lighter too.

Anyone here use the newer laser mice that have come out? I know they are a tad expensive. Once the price comes down on the laser mice and the laser system turns out to be better than todays optical technology, I do hope they port the MX-518

over to a laser system.

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