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Anyone else get this game? IMO, it is the best FPS ever made. Why? Firsst of all, the combat is spectaculr, and second, it's graphics are second to none, even improving on Half Life 2's. The multiplayer is like nothing you have ever seen. n fact, so much so that I'de say it makes Call of Duty look like FDNY : Firefighter. Chaotic as hell and REALLY exciting. One of the chief benificiaries is the smoke. Yup.. the smoke. The caos of comabat throws snoke everywhere and you can't see thrrough tjhe smoke, so you don't know if there is an enemy there. SO, you're just shooting back and forth through uncertainty. It's tense (not frustrating.)

Perfect? Nah, it could use a few more weapons and it's a bit too linear. Though, presonally, I think it deserved a 95% from PC Gamer, not a 92%.

Buy it. And loose yourself in it.

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