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After weeks of silence, BIS have shed some light on the progress of Armed Assault:


New screenshots were added as well as some additional info on the features and releasedate.

I have been a HUGE Operation Flashpoint fan for years now and I have been eagerly awaiting any news regarding Armed Assault. Now that these new screens have been released, I'm happy to know they are still working on releasing the game but I unfortunately must say I'm not too impressed with these screens. Perhaps it looks better when it moves but I think the original Flashpoint had a more "natural looking" environment. Especially the watereffects in the second screenshot look weird. The models have definitely improved though.

I hope I'm mistaken and this will become a superb sequel/update. Gameplay has always been great in the original game and BIS promises to make that even better in Armed Assault.

BTW..., Does anybody have news regarding the Operation Flashpoint-killer "Enemy in Sight"???




Gotta keep an eye out for that one too!

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I am SOOOO excited about this game. Operation Flashpoint remains one of my favorite games of all time, right up there with Xcom, Wing Commander, System Shock, Tribes, Thief, and Doom.

To me, no game yet has captured the essence of warfare, of actually being in a massive chaotic firefight involving dozens or even hundreds of troops the way Flashpoint did.

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Nah, don't worry, the screenies are definately work in progress. There are too many artifacts and 'rough' models. I don't believe this will be the finished product.

I agree, OFP was superb! Looking forward to AA, although no ones knows wether this will be the name of the game, because they stated sometime earlier that until they find a publisher which apparently will decide on the name of the product the working title will be AA.

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A Czech guy on the Armed Assault forums posted some scans from a magazine containing new info and screenshots!

They even posted a (Czech unfortunately) movie!! The community is going crazy over there; they can't wait any longer and neither can I !

I guess you're right, Mordax Blyrr, those screens are definitely getting better. Just look at the ingame footage, it's awesome. It DOES look better when it moves.



BTW. You need a DVD plugin for the trailer.

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