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Avernum 4

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Avernum 4 has been released for the Mac. (This is the 4th installment in the Avernum RPG series from Spiderweb Software, probably MUCH better known to Mac users than Windows users. It was released a week ago Saturday, but I just never got around to posting...)


If you cannot handle, or do not otherwise like dated graphics(think Ultima 6/Darklands) you will *HATE* this game.

The game is a turn-based, party oriented RPG set in a large(tile based) world with something like 200 quests(see link for full details).

Windows version is slated to be released in early 2006.

$25 for game w/o hint manual. ~21M download(not sure if they sell CDs any longer, but you used to get CDs with the games on them, as well as download, back in the day. Hint manual is purely optional unless you are a min/maxer and want to save some work, are totally inept at RPGs, or just want to toss the dev some extra cash.)

Personally, I own copies of Exile I-III, and Avernum 1-3(basically Exile I-III with slightly updated graphics, and some other minor changes) and really only played as they were the only RPGs available for quite a while on macs. This is not you typical fantasy RPG, as many favorite races are missing(i.e. the only race that you will really recognize are humans), takes place entirely underground... just go read the link for details if interested and/or whatever reviews you can find for a fuller background.

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Doesn't look like my cup of tea, but seeing you also post about MoM I guess you would know Wizardry 8?

That's a classic AND a game I really, really like. Not many other RPG's give so much depth in character interaction and management. Also dated graphics, but as Sho said in the other thread, it's about gameplay in the end.

I am sure you're happy with Avernum 4 though, but it does look like a fan title and certainly not for the bulk of people.

Thanks for sharing!

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