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Stargate MMOG announced

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Originally posted by Cruis.In:

you people are just bringers of doom and gloom aren't you? not a hopeful glint in thine eye...

I think the main reason stem's from the fact that there isn't anymore original idea's for game's and online games

Either way, I see this mmo as a flop, with the way MMO sales and subcriptions have been going lately, I doubt they'll have any subscribers, and if they do, it'll be very few

HOW can you turn Stargate into an MMO? The serie's pretty much makes that impossible

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I am simply stunned at the cancellation of SGA. The developers were going to press onward funding or no - and were apparently recieving publishing offers by the email-load. This is completely political, I think. I wonder if Perception could take on MGM legally over keeping their license.

Sign the petition for MGM to renew the SGA license.


I also cannot figure out HOW you could possibly make Stargate into an MMO. This sounds like complete beancounter capitalist bullshit (ie- an executive saying "Hey, a Stargate MMO would be a great moneymaker"). I hate the industry so much I can hardly stand it. SC, how did you make it this long without going on a killing spree?

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I would not subscribe to this MMO. As much as I love the franchaise I just do not see the purpose of such a game WHILE the series (both) are ongoing. Not to mention how can the Goa'uld be a serious threat are such the scale that the game describes. Where players can play as them or maybe the Jaffa.

At least Star Wars and Star Trek had huge amounts of games from RPGs to FPS to Strategy. Stargate SG-1 hasn't even had ONE!

This makes no sense whatsoever.

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The last I saw of it was in the pilot to SGU when brain boy is figuring out the code in the "Atlantis" city.

sorry to be bearer of bad news but stargate worlds has had money problems for over a year.

its on indefinite hold and likely wont see the light of day, hate it when this happens to a game, all that art, code, and work down the drain before anyone gets a chance to play it.

like gods and heroes...

anyway the plan is now to make some 3rd person shooter........... you can google about sgw and go to the main site, you'll find the info there.

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