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Well, I had some spare time last night so I downloaded it (200+ megs) and installed it to give it a go.

I only played it about 15 minutes...it didn't seem TOO bad, your mileage may vary. I realize that's way to short of time to honesty evaluate it. Don't expect flashy Battlefield series-like graphics though.

It sort of seems like a Battlefield knockoff if you ask me.


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Yeah, it is a bit like BF2, although here's why I like it better :

1) It's free

2) It runs better

3) The sound of the combat is magnificent. Every gunshot adds to the battle.

4) They got the recoil and the accuracy of the guns. BF2 screwed this up really badly.

5) Maps are better designed and more varied

6) The interface doesn't have an actual "loading screen"

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