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Joel Schultz

Silent "media" PC

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Most gaming rigs tend to have honkin' huge fans, cooling systems etc. in them.

That makes for a noisy and/or bulky system (water cooling is silent, but external cooling apparatus is aesthetically unpleasing).

So -- let's go dead opposite. Say I want a silent (or almost-silent) rig that also is inobtrusively benign in appearance. I don't care about gaming power either, I'm looking for something that can be a glorified TiVo, but that could also theoretically be jacked into a home LAN and distribute captured video and/or music elsewhere. Graphically, the most it needs to do would be show full-screen video without choppiness in full color, making 3D rendering capabilities of no importance.

What sort of hardware should one be looking for that? Like motherboard, CPU, CPU cooling system, memory, graphics card & cooling system, case, etc? I suppose that something with really good heatsinks and/or heatpipes would be in order, but I lack sufficient knowledge on what is "good".

Anyone have any tips?

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