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Mordax Blyrr

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This game is more like an ongoing project so it seems. Currently at version 1.2.1 if I am correct and in the mean time lots of stuff is added to the game; infantry, object mass, tracers to name some of the highlights.

The forum only seems to be active by a few people though and I was wondering if anyone here plays the game and what their opinions about it are?

I am currently downloading the MP demo (unfortunately no SP demo) to see for myself.

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Ah stupid to forget the link. Thanks lostinspace!

Anyway its a tactical game set on distant worlds, however with familiar units and weaponry. The game claims to incorporate real life physics, armor penetration calculations, etc.

There are 3 modes of play, Capture the Flag (self explanatory), a mode where one is the attacker and one is the defender and a 'kill the mammoth' style of play where the one team has a behemoth vehicle and the other team needs to track it down and destroy it.

A typical game starts with the 'deployment phase' where you can assign all the players a vehicle to use (players can also be bots).

You are free to position your troops instantly in a specific dropzone.

Then the game starts and supposedly real-life tacttics should work like a charm in this game.

You have a wide range of material: artillerie up to infantry.

I have played the MP demo a few hours now and Sho is right. It's not everybody's cup of tea.

Graphics are dull and sub-par, sound is as well, although the weapon sounds are quite nice.

This game is more about teamplay, coordination and tactics as about eye-candy.

You can view two 3rd party tutorial video's here to give you an impression of the game as well (needs Quicktime 7):


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