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  • 4 years later...

I actually got this about 6 months ago ... in Russian, and applied an English hack.

It is truly excellent. Good strong RPG, with fun / beautiful Space elements, and yes you can walk around the ship, but it is not a true free-form / sim,

I love these DEV's (Deep Shadows) - they did White Gold as well, which uses the same tech. Originally started it all with a game from some years back called Boiling Point, that tried so hard to be a great sandbox RPG, but was a bit broken, both in design and tech.

IMO it is better than Mass Effect 2, because you actually get control of your ship.

This is NOT a 3000AD rival though ... this game is an RPG at it's heart, not a sim.

P.S. I believe the English version on GG is exactly the same as what I have ... i.e. the DEV's used the community English conversion (someone MUST have got paid, hopefully!!)

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