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Alex St John Interview

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A very weird thing happened. It turned out I wasn't fired, and I started getting called into all the meetings where publishing architecture was discussed. I told them what was broken, and they would say, "What do we have to do to fix it, and please don't tell Bill we suck." I was able to ultimately replace a lot of the people who were in charge of Microsoft's publishing architecture, bringing in a lot of the people that I'd worked with. I persuaded companies like Adobe to put their software on Windows 95, and ultimately ended up transforming Windows's print architecture. I acquired a great deal of power and credibility [with Bill Gates], even though I wasn't well-regarded by a lot of the senior executives. I think some of that experience carried into Direct X, because when I say loud and clearly that something's broken, that doesn't get you fired, but it certainly gets a lot of people pissed off at you.

He is now my hero. If only I could get away with that in my current job. Some of the crap my peers come out with is pretty disgusting code.

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