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Jack is back!

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Poor Jack.

Brainwashed by all the BS our legal system has to offer. I wonder if he is aware of our world's violent past, present, and future. Those who are predisposed by thier environment or mental state can and will continue to commit violent acts. I think Jack will be hard pressed to prove any link between these acts and a video game.

Thirty short years ago we didn't really have the technology to create these types of games and there were still instances of violent acts by nut jobs.

One could just as easily say that it's caused by violent movies and television. Saying it and proving it beyond a shadow of doubt are two different things.

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

Here is what I want to know. Who exactly is paying Jack Thompson for these charades?

Easy, he uses the money he gets from screwing all his legit clients

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I dunno, but the best commentary I've seen so far is something a Slashdotter said:

"Jackie has just kicked a 300 pound gorilla in the balls. This should be interesting."

Indeed, this will be fun to watch.

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