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Vista-only game cracked to run on XP

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When Microsoft announced Vista and thier miserly attempt to sew up the PC gaming industry, I knew they were destined to fail, miserably.

What the boys in Redmond don't seem to realize is that Monopoly is a board game, not something you want to turn your livelihood into.

As far as I'm concerned, they have become a bunch of paranoid Midas types. Guarding thier gold with bleary eyes and Avarice like tenacity.

I won't be buying into thier Buy Vista and turn your PC into an XBox 360 The XBox 360 is a piece of junk. Foisted on the unsuspecting masses and I don't feel that Vista is any different. So, I guess my PC gaming days are numbered. They will run XP into the obsolete bin just as soon as they can and leave us with only one choice. Vista or bust! Maybe it's time we all started looking at Mac and Linux.

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I shopping for a laptop right now.

with the frustrations I've had with windows and this

"turn your PC into an XBox360" crap.I am getting a mac.

which reminds me.....

Microsoft is at it again:

Just saw beginning of E3 yesterday on G4.

They are putting all this crap on the XBox 360.

It bad enough that they are trying to turn your PC into an XBox 360, now they are turn your XBox360 into an IPod.

And they announced a new console...you ready

Exclusively for Halo fans:

An XBox 360 with......

a new paint job.

Don't all jump up and go buy it at once.

I am surprised that they didn't mention any of your UC titles.

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In Microsoft's defense, the "Windows Live" functionality is not available for XP which is why neither of these would be valid in multi player.

I never doubted that either game could be used on XP - but it is obvious that Microsoft wants the Live functionality on Vista only.

I actually bought both because they were on sale ($40 for both together) at CompUSA. I then sold Halo 2 for $40 so basically got Shadowrun for free.

To this point I have not loaded any games onto Vista though.

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From what a comp buddy of mine said, it wouldnt be 'to hard' for Microshaft to make Windows Live work with XP, all it would require is a pretty big (optional) patch.

But M$ won't do that because they want money on Vista, sadly they are getting it because to many lemmings aren't bothering to check what that POS OS actually gives them, they will quickly realize that many non-vista created games won't work unless they are made by microshaft.

Don't get me wrong, some non-vista games do work but not all. Even Supreme Commander, which IS a Vista Game (Vista/XP) doesn't work very well on VIsta..

Kind of tell's you something doesn't it?

But despite all that, as long as M$ use's Live for all its games, cracking them won't mean much in terms of online play.

Oh.. and Halo PC's MP is still very populer, apperently no one likes Halo 2 PC's Multiplayer

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I have a dual-boot rig and I haven't booted up Vista more than a few times. XP still serves my needs very well. I really love Vista's media options, but other than that in terms of general computing most everything can be done on XP better.

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Vista.is.rubbish. I use it only because I have to.

Like Windows Live! and DX10, its one of several MS missteps in recent memory.

Just watch what happens when XP SP3 is released in 2008. In fact, my guess is they will keep delaying it until Vista gains traction. Which, given its six months in, ain't gonna happen. Besides, support for XP doesn't end until 2014.

How to make Windows XP last for the next seven years

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